The 2022 Show was a Huge Success!

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of our Sponsors as well!


2022 Lamplighter Tour
– Outdoor walking tour across 4 different locations at Cave Springs Camp
– Each stop took us back in time to explore the history of Cave Springs and Lincoln with 4 live theatrical performances
– Local talent
– Dedicated volunteers
– A fun way to spend your time in Lincoln!
The Guardian
Written by Liz Benneian
Directed by Adrian Petry

Every community has its characters and Margaret Reed certainly was one of those! A story of a strong woman with principles but also a profound sense of the human spirit of the people around her.

The Cave
Written by Liz Benneian
Directed by Peter Mitchell

A story of what could happen when 6 teens in the 1950’s find a cave in the escarpment that may, or may not, contain bones and bats but most certainly contains a bully!

That German Fellow
Written by Sheila Laundry
Directed by Jennifer Toews

The prevailing idea in 1914/1915 among the local citizens was that there were spies everywhere, including Cave Springs! Join us as we learn more about a naturalized Canadian from Germany living on a farm near Cave Springs.

Learning the Ropes
Written by Sheila Laundry
Cave Springs Camp has been offering a unique summer camp experience since 1951. Although the years have brought many changes, Cave Springs Camp continues on, as new campers experience the thrill of camp life right here in Lincoln!

Producer: Martha Kralt
Assistant Producer: Beth Dandridge
Finance: Martha Kralt
Historical Research: Gary Dandridge
Artistic Directors: Betsy Tauro and Mike Cipryk
Fundraising and Sponsorship: David Fisk
Marketing: Katie Appleyard

Committed individuals working together to make each year’s event a success for the actors and our audience.

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