2022 Lamplighter Tour Dates

Tuesday, Sept 13th – Premier Performance
Friday, Sept 23rd 5-7 pm
Saturday, Sept 24th 2-4 pm & 5-7 pm
Sunday, Sept 25th 2-4 pm

What is now known as “Cave Springs” is a  property that features spectacular vistas overlooking Lake Ontario and the old Lake Iroquois shore, and is an exquisite representation of the Niagara Escarpment’s talus slopes and cliffs. The escarpment rim and bedrock plain forests are dominated by Sugar Maples. The rich and unique diversity of plants and habitat on these rare escarpment features provide a linear migration corridor for animals and plants.

All 4 plays will be performed in various locations at Cave Springs. This is a walking tour on uneven ground, so please wear proper shoes and dress accordingly. 

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