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You can be a volunteer for the Lamplighter Tour, too!


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The Lamplighter Tour Team 2016!

Our fantastic team of volunteers ranges in age from 10 to 90. If you have lots of spare time, or even just few hours each week, we would love to have you join our team!

You can help out in so many different ways. Do as little or as much as you want!

  • Acting (2 hours rehearsal per week from September to November, Tour runs from Thursday to Sunday, 4 hours per night);
  • Directing;
  • Event coordinating;
  • Sewing and designing costumes;One of our Greeters
  • Sourcing costumes and clothing;
  • Greeting on location during the Tour;
  • Designing and building sets;
  • Sourcing props;
  • Researching local history;
  • Storytelling;
  • Playwrighting;
  • Photographing;
  • Being a “handy” person;
  • Volunteering your home for our Tour;
  • Being a Sponsor;
  • Finding sponsors and raffle items;
  • Making tea, coffee and/or dessert;
  • Playing a musical instrument;
  • Managing the website.

No experience necessary.
All we ask is for your enthusiasm!

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The rewards are the following, but not limited to:

  • Working on a dynamic fun-loving, committed team;get involved
  • Being invited to the cast and volunteer party after the final performance (which was a blast last year!);
  • Getting that warm fuzzy feeling from doing something that will provide great entertainment for the whole family;
  • Learning more about putting a theatrical production together;
  • Building a better, more vibrant, cultural community with SPIRIT!

If you are interested in getting involved either as an actor or crew member, please contact us at or call Sandra Bacon at 905-321-5840. Please note that the number of volunteers accepted in certain areas may be limited.

Get Involved for Fun, Smiles and Laughter


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