2013 Tour

Vices, Vines and Vinifera 




Playwright: Liz Benneian

Director: Jane Wright

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Tour One                                                                 Cynthia Silversides

Tour Two                                                                 Jackie Stuive

Tour Three                                                              Rachel Barich

Tour Four                                                                Ruth Smith

Tour Five                                                                 Christina Hannus 


 FIRST PLAY       


Playwright: Katherine Albers

Director: Mike Cipryk

It’s 1926 and American prohibition law brings new problems as well as new opportunities to the wine makers of Canadian border communities. The Ziegler family runs the risks involved with doing business with a more notorious kind of “family” in New York State. They find an unlikely ally whose motivation may be more than just business.



Daniel Wright                                                          Geoffery E.P. Durwood

Madeleine Ziegler                                                    Katherine Cooke

Margareta (Maggie) Ziegler                                      Lyndsey Cooke

Annabel Patricia Ziegler                                          Sarah Bradshaw

Const. Peter Grant                                                  Mike Cipryk

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The Culp Farm

3718   Victoria Avenue


Culp Farm

The land where the house now stands was once owned by a member of the Butler’s Rangers. In 1831 the land was sold to Daniel Hoch, one of many Pennsylvania Dutch who immigrated to the Vineland area. Daniel was one of the first ministers of the Mennonite Church at that time. The Culp family, who are the estate’s current owners, are the fifth generation of Daniel Hoch’s descendants to live on the homestead. Existing original features of the home include the herringbone brick cellar and the carriage stoop located on the front walkway.

Greeters:  Lee-Anne Facey-Crowther, Martha Kralt, Brenda Kell-Kotwa





Playwright: Sheila Laundry

Director: Jennifer L. Toews


It’s 1959 and Niagara is booming with economic prosperity and innovation. A new world is coming and Canada welcomes that world into its neighbourhoods, churches, schools, laboratories, factories and stores. New attitudes, ideas and tastes challenge the “old way” of thinking. Just “keeping up” with the changes creates welcome adventure for some and churning anxiety for others.



       LCBO Salesman                                                            Calvin Quirk

       Susan Wright                                                               Carolyn Hansen

       The Bridge Group

       June                                                                           Margaret Daley         

       Sharon                                                                          Lise Cushnie

       Peggy                                                                           Joan Edwards

       Jonathan Wright                                                           Connor Randall

       Trudy Wright                                                                Kathleen Sargent

       Daniel Wright                                                               Jens Hansen

       Joyce Wright                                                                Sadee Jane Lunshof

       Johann Ziegler                                                             Rob Murre





Vineland Estates Winery

3620 Moyer Road

Vineland Estate Winery

Originally the Moyer family homestead in the 1840s, Vineland Estates Winery is now the home of world renowned wines and one of Niagara’s first winery restaurants. The former farmhouse was transformed into a restaurant and the adjacent stone carriage house is now a banquet facility for weddings and other events. The magnificent building that is now the winery and tasting room was originally the barn. Of particular significance are the former barn’s hand hewn beams which started out as masts on ships, then were salvaged and used in the construction of the barn. The adjacent vineyard bears the sign “St. Urban Vineyard.” The vines of St. Urban were developed by grafting cuttings brought from Germany onto existing root stock. These vines are some of the oldest in Ontario. Vineland Estates Winery is also one of the foremost producers of ice wine in the Niagara Region. Their wines are exported worldwide, from as near as the United States to as far as Asia.

Greeter:  Carola Hicks-Mittage, Martha Kralt



 THIRD PLAY        


Playwright: John van der Beek

Director: John Ripley


The “writing is on the wall” for grape farmers in 1975. Rising sophistication in consumer tastes have pressured the wine industry to reinvent itself. In fact, the future survival of the industry demands that alternate practices are put in place, starting at ground level. These economic realities are forcing changes to an already challenging lifestyle that some families in this farming community can neither embrace nor finance.


                        CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE

                        Greta Henderson                                              Sylvia Prins

                        Anna Wright                                                     Julia Brown

                        Debra Wright                                                   Sharon Fecik

                        Irma Wright                                                      Kenwyn Fecik

                        Betsy Dearborn                                                Jennifer Connors

                        Eric Wright                                                       Andrew Fecik

                        John Kolter                                                       Paul Haskins

                        Jonathan Wright                                               Drew Fecik

                        Bill Dearborn                                                    George Fecik

                        Hermann Ziegler                                              Michael Paquet

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Rittermere House

4280 Cherry Avenue

Rittermere House

In 1790 the Rittenhouse family immigrated to the Vineland area from Pennsylvania and built the first house on this homestead. Their land holdings stretched from Lake Ontario to the escarpment. This house, which was built circa 1850s, has a stylized Mennonite Georgian exterior. The construction of two additions on the east and west sides complement the architecture with Greek revival overtones. Originally the house was divided into two parts to allow privacy for the extended family. This fact is confirmed by the two front doors which were a common feature in Mennonite construction. Rittermere House is one of three houses still existing in Lincoln with this unique feature.

Original features of the property include wooden beams which have been incorporated into the décor of the house, the stone barn at the rear of the property and the wall of the first house which has been incorporated into the outdoor patio. The year 1861 is etched in stone on the front façade to commemorate the second wife of Michael Rittenhouse.

Greeter:  Cathy Horton, Stephanie Johnston





Playwright: Liz Benneian

Director: Sheila Laundry


In 2020 the wine Industry finally achieves full recognition and respect with the gala opening of the brand new “Winemakers’ Museum”. The celebrations not only revel in the elevation of the product, the branding and the lifestyle but also rejoice in the families that continue to grow, weather, strengthen and mellow appropriately right alongside those “oh so important” vines and wines.


                        CAST IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE

                        Greeter                                                 Katarina Naccaroto

                        Waiter                                                  Ken Southward

                        Christy MacEwan                                   Jeanette Heil

                        Callie Ziegler                                       Kate Profijt-Fazio

                        John Van Der Linden                            Ted Han

                        Brad Barber                                          Anthony Tuttolomondo

                        William Wright                                      Brian Rintjema

                        Celeste Zeigler                                     Monique Stuive

                        Peter Lombardo                                   David Cuthill

                        Gala Guests:     Wendy Quirk, Adrienne Brown,

                                                Linda Andrews, Adrena Rodger,

                                                Jennifer Turner, Peter Willetts,

                                                Andrew Furry, Rudi Schindel,

                                                Vicki Schindel

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MH9  MH6


Tawse Winery

3955 Cherry Avenue

Tawse Winery

Moray Tawse, the owner and founder of Tawse Winery, was once a sommelier in Alberta. He brought his love of wine to the Niagara Region and in 2001, the first vintage was created. Tawse Winery now produces 15 to 20 different vintages. The winery boasts a unique approach to winemaking utilizing organic and biodynamic farming methods to create a quality wine that depicts “terroir,” meaning a sense of taste of the region. Sheep control the growth of weeds in the vineyards and horse-drawn ploughs are used to reduce the impact of conventional farming methods. In addition, 80% of the building is powered by geo-thermal energy and a bio-filtration system recycles the waste water.

Greeter:  David Furry, Katarina Naccarato (actor), Bill Wiley